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Urgent call from Amnesty International by Eduardo Cardet. Instructions to make the request
Subject: Immediate and unconditional release of human rights defender Eduardo Cardet Concepción
Copy to: (Movimiento Cristiano Liberación)

Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez
Presidente de la República de Cuba
La Habana, Cuba.

Ministro del Interior

Vicealmirante Julio César Gandarilla Bermejo
Ministro del Interior

Your Excellency, Mr. Minister:

I am deeply concerned to learn that Cuban authorities have suspended for six months thef family visiting rights of Dr Eduardo Cardet as punishment for his family’s activism on his case

I implore Your Excellency to use your authority as President to immediately andu unconditionally release Dr. Eduardo Cardet, as he is a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Pending his release, I urge Your Excellency to ensure that access to Dr Eduardo Cardet’s family is immediately reinstated, and that he is allowed regular contact with his family and the world community, as well as access to lawyers and medical care of his choosing.

I call on Your Excellency to take immediate action on this serious matter and to demonstrate to the international community that Cuba fully respects and protects its citizens’ right to freedom of expression.

Yours respectfully,
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