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Night sweats treatments are sought by all who suffer from a condition where they sweat at night. By night sweat we refer to excessive sweating at night that results in the bed sheet and clothes getting drenched. This sweating is not caused due to a warm environment but a medical condition. There are many causes for this condition. Menopause is one of the common causes. The others are Idiopathic hyperhidrosis a condition in which the body constantly produces a lot of sweat. Tuberculosis and various bacterial infections can also cause you to sweat at night. This is one of the early symptoms of cancer or lymphoma.

We cannot take this condition lightly. A doctor should be consulted, as we cannot be too sure of the cause on our own. Some medicines are also responsible for sweating at nights. One of the side effects of all anti depressants is sweating. Sometimes antipyretics taken for fever also cause sweating. Often low blood glucose is also a cause of this illness. Hormone disorders and neurological disorders also result in sweating at nights and require treatment. Although a normal annoyance it’s not right to ignore night sweats as sometimes it can be the result of a serious medical condition.

Herbal Night Sweats Treatments

Everyone suffering from this condition should do something about it. There are many remedies for this condition. You need to get the one that works for you. There are certain natural remedies that work well as night sweats treatments. There are something called bamboo sheets that can be used in place of normal sheets. These bamboo sheets are odor resistant and good absorbers. The sheet will only be 10% drenched as compared to 100% drenched normal sheets. Certain herbs like sage, Dong quai, licorice root, motherwort, alfalfa work well. Herbal treatments don’t have side effects like normal treatments.

Sage is one of the most common herbs used to treat this, as it is believed to reduce sweating at nights by 50%. It is believed that licorice has mild properties of estrogen that helps in relieving the symptoms of menopause. A healthy lifestyle also works as a good treatment. You need to put out the cigarette, switch to having decaf and start doing Yoga. It is believed that yoga is a great way to beat the heat and reduce sweating. Healthy food helps keep the body in good condition. Showers and wearing cotton clothes before bed are great ways to avoid it.
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