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Cuba repressive systems throughout my tweets.
Here there are some of my latest tweets about Castro’s repressive system. I want to bring all of them as a whole to give a better idea about the actual Cuba.

In #Cuba its government continues to subject opposition activists and their families to abuse by organizing “acts of repudiation”.

In #Cuba mob actions include shouting insults and obscenities, sometimes over loudspeakers, and throwing rocks.

In #Cuba Members of Ladies in White have been were targeted several times during the year with detentions and acts of repudiation.

In #Cuba On DEC/09-10 Ladies in White were surrounded by Cuban agents, shouted obscenities and insults, and tried to assault them.

In #Cuba mob followed Ladies in White back to the house of 1 of the organizers and continued chanting and shouting in front of it.

In #Cuba prison conditions continue to be harsh and life threatening.

In #Cuba reports of beatings of prisoners are commonplace. Orlando Zapata was one of their victims.

In #Cuba in the prison of the province of Ciego de Avila guards beat prisoners on numerous occasions, sometimes employing attack dogs.

In #Cuba there are reports of prisoner-on-prisoner sexual assaults, generally due to lax security by prison guards.

In #Cuba prison cells lack adequate water, sanitation, space, light, ventilation, and temperature control.

In #Cuba prisoners are often held in isolation to punish misconduct. Those prisoners in isolation have restrictions on family visits.

In #Cuba prisoners, family members, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have reported inadequate health care.

In #Cuba the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (illegal to GOV) has reported multiple prison deaths.

In #Cuba the government places healthy prisoners in cells with mentally disturbed inmates.

In #Cuba Political prisoners are placed in the same cells as common prisoners and sometimes have reported being threatened or harassed

In #Cuba Some pre-trial detainees were held at maximum-security prisons, where they stayed for months or years without being charged.

In #Cuba the government does not publish the number of prisoners or detainees and their charges.

In #Cuba the government does not provide information regarding the number or location of detention centers.

In #Cuba women prisoners reported suffering the same poor prison conditions as men.

In #Cuba women prisoners have reported lack of access to feminine hygiene products and adequate prenatal care.

In #Cuba the government does not release information on the treatment of minors at either youth or adult prisons or detention centers

In #Cuba prison officials regularly deny prisoners the right to correspondence and often deny family visits.

In #Cuba political prisoners are serving sentences in prisons located long distances from their home provinces.

In #Cuba GOV has not granted prison visits by INTL Committee of the Red Cross, Amnesty International, or Human Rights Watch.

In #Cuba the government effective and frequently uses arbitrary arrest and detention to harass opponents.

In #Cuba The law denies all legally recognized civil liberties to anyone who opposes the decision of the people to build socialism.

In #Cuba GOV officials routinely invoke this authority to deny due process to persons detained on purported state security grounds.

In #Cuba members of the security forces acted with impunity in committing numerous, serious human rights abuses.

In #Cuba security forces continued to employ aggressive and physically abusive tactics against dissidents and prisoners.

In #Cuba the government did not announce and proceed with any investigations into police misconduct and makes public statements.

In #Cuba police street surveillance is heavy, and police frequently and randomly stops cars and pedestrians for questioning.

In #Cuba police have broad detention powers, which they may exercise without a warrant.

#Cuba police can detain without a warrant not only persons caught in the act but also someone merely accused of a crime against GOV.

In #Cuba the formal law presumes defendants are innocent until proven guilty, but authorities continuously ignored this in practice.

In #Cuba prosecutors’ requests for summary judgment left defendants with little or no time to consult with a defence attorney.

In #Cuba criteria for presenting evidence is arbitrary and discriminatory, especially in any dissident’s trial.

In #Cuba when there are dissidents involved, defence attorneys are not allowed access to the file until charges have been filed.

In #Cuba political detainees have reported their attorneys had difficulties accessing files due to bureaucratic & administrative obstacles

In #Cuba the penal code includes the concept of “potential dangerousness”. No evidence is required for a conviction for this offense

#Cuba there is estimated between 3,000 and 5,000 citizens were serving time in detention for “potential dangerousness”.

#Cuba GOV mostly applied “potential dangerousness” to target prostitutes & young persons who refused to work for the government.

In #Cuba summary judgment was particularly common in cases involving charges of “dangerousness.”

#Cuba frequently uses short-term detention rather than prosecution to harass political opponents & dissuade them from public action.

In #Cuba during detentions authorities frequently threatened dissidents with prosecutions for “dangerousness”.

Posted by Juan Martin Lorenzo at 5:11 PM
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